A Bad Penny Review

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Zoe Abedon

The boy started with remarkable eyes, a vision that could skip across bodies of water to distant lands like stones smoothed by waves.

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Blueprint For A Human

Emily Carr

The book that was her marriage still sitting on the kitchen table (like Roosevelt flowers or the ancient moon). Broken sandwiches & soft hills. A paper napkin crumpled in the water spilled through...

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Bumper Crop

James Kincaid

I had in mind something the coarse lout Harry you want me to be would produce on bucolic discomfort, featuring yobbish imagery: beasts coupling, insects stinging, cows spraying, the ubiquitous...

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coin park

Susanne Eules

proper currency is legitimate in any light & likes to stay near its wages : it's the haunterers & / the premeneers : the pie cock who walks up to you : uncurls his van of vanities & voughs hell /...

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Susanne Eules

in the claude glass

it's a nice thing to have a hare to sit with his haress / in the field. naturally & fur color. the color of fur & / naturally. it is the best hair. arid heat ferries harvester / thresher.

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R L Swihart


The small Craftsman by the lagoon. Desiree on the top step / and his three graces staggered beneath. Three sample / bags of Mary Kay. The pomegranate in amber / hues

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