A Living Room

Brian Kim Stefans

A living room
becomes a nation

the moment
it is no longer a salon,

the language yet

These are notes
for a white revolution.

Like Whitman,

free their doors
from the jambs

where we won’t live
for self-segregation

(but really,
because it’s boring).

The virtual,
properly authored

for Verso,
enlivens debate

you can overhear
with the proper

inscrutable argot
(and Amazon credit)

though agreeing
quite a lot

also helps.

stoning a few heretics
white enough to stone.

These are notes
for a petite mort

sure to shore
cred in the academies

(jets, dossiers,
off-grid accounts)


banter like solids
and essences

subtract from the light
of appearances

in a gnostic

that they’re all white.


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About the Work

Brian Kim Stefans

Brian Kim Stefans is the author of Word Toys: Poetry and Technics (University of Alabama, 2017) and What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers (Factory School, 2006) among other books of poetry and prose. A new chapbook, “For a New Urbanism” (Arras, 2017) can be downloaded at arras.net. He teaches at UCLA.

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