I love America so much I lean down in the dirt
to tell her Iʼll start flossing soon, I promise,
I donʼt want her to worry, you know?

I love America so much my moments
of silence sometimes last for hours
and I forget to breathe and the wind is spitting at the window.

I love America so much I want to bulldoze
all her buildings, drop a glass dome over her
and love her pristine without touch.

I love America so much there are days where for no reason
she makes me feel like a sailor on shore leave who canʼt keep
from dunking his head in a barrel of salt water.

I love America so much Iʼve been collecting
flood lights, stealing them from stores, my neighborsʼ houses, community centers
because there isnʼt a spotlight big enough.

I love America so much I wish I were a
serial killer so I could turn her beautiful people into presents
that wash up on her ample banks.

I love America so much that last week when I was
driving on the interstate, I pulled into a rest stop shaking
and just sat in the car whispering her name over and over.

I love America so much sometimes I donʼt even
know why Iʼm sobbing and Iʼm holding onto a shirt collar
thatʼs going to work or a movie and I need him and you and a big rock candy mountain
            of sunlight pouring out of my mouth and eyes and nose and oh goddamn oh
            goddamn oh goddamn us in the terrible and ultramarine of our love.

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