At World’s End // Double Album

Terri Witek


The hemispheres, parting equatorially,

deflate in darkness, cool, then spin.

“Don’t follow me,”

a last, pegleg pilgrim mutters,

purrs or hums. What’s next?

“Donna Summer” bolds the signage

at one oasis, formerly Antarctica,

no one reaches. “Air raid,”

hisses the space around a central

glinty totem who, classically aloof

from me + you + her + him

but doomed to hear it all again,

turns and turns like any god

faking rescue or couvade.



No strobe from the second lighthouse

which, since waves and world have fused,

ditched its keeper. Are there natives?

What would anybody breathe here,

fossilized, as they seem to be,

in black macadam (feel it give)?

At least what we loved lies here together.

Unreachable. But something stings

like unredeemed electricity.

So scratch on, constellation’s dew claw

or jumpy little pin of wind.

Hum along with waking voices

who don’t insist where home may be:

“It’s sweet (so sweet) to die in the sea.”

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About the Work

Terri Witek

Terri Witek is the author of Exit Island, The Shipwreck Dress, Carnal World, Fools and Crows, Courting Couples (Winner of the 2000 Center for Book Arts Contest) and Robert Lowell and LIFE STUDIES: Revising the Self . Her collaborations with Brazilian visual artist Cyriaco Lopes have been featured in galleries or site-specific projects in New York City, Los Angeles and elsewhere. A professor of English at Stetson University, her summer faculty positions have included the West Chester Poetry Conference, the Prague Summer Literary Program and the DisQuiet program in Lisbon, where she runs “The Fernando Pessoa Game.”

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