B-Movie Romance

Ray Succre

A woman in a film lifts off her shirt like

the first sharpened kid you saw pull his hair back

to reveal a suspenseful face,

memorably uncovered.

The man she’s kissing feels up, his tongue

like a dairy calf no one could find, mid-winter,

and that Spring divulged as a half-eaten

emissary out of deep snow.

They movie-fall onto a movie bed,

realized like a notion decades later,

exposed by eroding disc-drips.

You watch them movie-lust in blue,

and to common, studio love-scene music.

There in scrutiny, livid, pink, smudged across

a glass slip,

their joints perfect, the sheet draped like

a fitted skin,

they collide on the movie-bed,

the tongue moment, the grasp, the arched

back scene played unending,

Loving one another each time the movie is played.

Outside the reel, turn after turn, in the real,

young girls drop hours into workable hair,

while old men lose years just clearing their throats.

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About the Work

Ray Succre

Ray Succre is an undergraduate currently living on the southern Oregon coast with his wife and son. He has had poems published in Aesthetica, BlazeVox, and Petrichor Machine, as well as in numerous others across as many countries. His novels Tatterdemalion (2008) and Amphisbaena (2009), both through Cauliay, are widely available in print. Other Cruel Things (2009), an online collection of poetry, is available through Differentia Press.

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