Billy Budd

Dan Corjescu

You porn breath officer
I’ll stab you to death
at a raging banquet
of skull-eyed football players
and well paid starlets
of sallow skin
pink grapefruit
puckering up like Precambrian slime
you’re paid to keep your mouth shut
your legs open
your mind empty
your stomach unsettled
and your ass ready to be sliced
by the sharpest steel floss
made of HongKong power and Vietnamese tears
you’re a beaten ghost man
you’re hundred year old toast
poked by a Nursing home British Brigadier
you’re lost
and no one not even you
can free you
you sing silently
like a snail
in a coke can
you rock to sleep
with wires linked to disease
you slurp and run and flutter and blink
you’s a 24/7 slaughter house
a micro-Colosseum
a nanosecond Space Hero:

Hey Billy Budd,

It’s time to blow up the ship


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About the Work

Dan Corjescu

Dan Corjescu is a Romanian-Brazilian poet living in Sofia, Bulgaria who writes verse in English as well as in other languages. He teaches Business English and translates when he can. He was published, many years ago, in an anthology entitled Thank You, Gorbachev!

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