Blue Machine

Lily Brown

Shelves of cloud stacked down.
Then the brighter break.
The mountain’s dirty load.

The building’s touch gives the wind
its pitch.

And experience?
The critic sharp upon abstraction?
Anything’s that.

How C bends the hand
or hisses out
from teeth and tongue.

The soft craft of these heavy clouds
is wet in the fist.

And the boat I’m watching rock across
the range—a blue machine that breaks
and opens, breaks and opens
and shows me when to change.

About the Work

Lily Brown

Lily Brown is the author of Rust or Go Missing (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2011). Her poems have appeared in Fence, Pleiades, American Letters and Commentary, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, and elsewhere. She was born and raised in Massachusetts.

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