R L Swihart

The small Craftsman by the lagoon. Desiree on the top step
and his three graces staggered beneath. Three sample
bags of Mary Kay. The pomegranate in amber

(Only in retrospect can Will find the few bones she failed
to hide, the lintelled OGH, and the twisted
face below the stair)

Tonight the moon is full and the darker side prevailed

Asia kept going down the path of insidious non sequiturs, e.g.
You don’t know me. (Will tried to introduce the Inconstant
I but she’d never read a translation of Der Auftrag —
and Lava Man and Morph didn’t move
her either)

Magda (Regan) — on the second glottal stop — started
puking and replaying her favorite scene

Perhaps Klaudia wasn’t there but then she has a real
knack for making herself invisible
Needles to say Will gave up on watching the news (Je Suis Charlie)
and went to bed
He tried doing some simple math, hoping a little logic would break
the spell. Tried revisiting the lovely tree he’d tattooed
two days before: MMM. Nada
Will finally drifted off to sleep counting suicides not sheep —
head in the oven, rocks in her pockets, Pont

About the Work

R L Swihart

R L Swihart is the author of The Last Man (Desperanto Press, 2012) He currently lives in Long Beach, CA, and teaches high school mathematics in Los Angeles. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Rhino, Right Hand Pointing, 1110decomP, Pebble Lake Review, and elsewhere.


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