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Robert Wexelblatt

Fein on Cinderella

I wondered if my former wife, who keeps her motives close to her vest, meant something by choosing this particular book. There are themes that might have appealed to her: the absent, sainted mother, an unambiguous warning about second marriages, the fecklessness of fathers.

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James Kincaid

Bumper Crop

I had in mind something the coarse lout Harry you want me to be would produce on bucolic discomfort, featuring yobbish imagery: beasts coupling, insects stinging, cows spraying, the ubiquitous chicken shit oozing up between toes.

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Samantha Memi

The Secret of Tendrils

1894 There is evidence to suggest that the Martian attack which took place in Leatherhead, England, was greatly enfeebled by vine tendrils attacking the legs of the Martian machines.

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Sommer Schafer

The Women

Back when I was alive, people in my town could go days without seeing each other. Passing, they’d look straight at you and not see a thing.

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Blair Hurley

The Eight-Spoked Wheel

Casting Off There are three objects before you: a robe, a bowl, and a pair of sandals. That’s all you get. Cast off everything else: your jewelry, your money, your underwear. These things are not so hard to shed. They go easily. Then go your drawer of wool socks, the house you grew up in, your period — you won’t be having that anymore, with one bowl of rice a day. Now let go of your books — that’s harder, isn’t it? — your relatives, your lovers. You won’t need any of them. Make three vows. Take refuge in the Buddha. ...

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