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Sheila McMullin

Olga’s Book

“In dark house” “he sees a young” “ghost girl” / “he blames me” “for” “not having pregnancies” / “he said, well, you” “know what he” / “said,” “he said,” “no one” “loves” “me, like”/ “like the” “Ghost steals all the” “love"

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Carlos Soto Román

Three Poems

How class touched the American Market everyday — Giant slingshot models master's techniques despite the odors — Open bedroom in Asia and the Catskills

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Dispatches From Abandoned Architecture

From our newest publication, featuring contributions from Amaranth Borsuk, James Claffey, Robert Fitterman, Megan M. Garr, Dawn Gettler, Jen Hofer, Jane Huffman, Jackie Kari, Dorothea Lasky, Cyriaco Lopes, Rachel Marston, Shena McAuliffe, Melody Owen, Carlos Soto Román, David Ruhlman, Abraham Smith, Meg Tuite, Spring Ulmer, & Terri Witek.

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Isabel Balée

An Explanation of the Aftermath

1. didacting underwater — how microbes in a pile of ivy — a smokestack stopping blight after water — in its own breath — a woman — on sunday — in a steeple fell an organ — mosquitoes in the middle of an ending — a city in a body after water — a woman moving her body through the dry and blight — a city on sunday in a pile — a woman leaving — a woman at all — 2. at all a steeple — at all prayers in a god place — didacting in the wrong room woke up beginning the door ...

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Shauna Barbosa

And I Know That She Feels Beautiful

We talked at length about her cervix and her decision to no longer perm her hair. A woman at the Cape Verdean salon in Roxbury told her you were more beautiful with long black hair. I told her they’re bitches even though they’re my people. I stared at her curly Sierra Leone sunset making my dead black strands cower. She said when she takes a bath she can feel where they’ve cut her cervix. We have a lot in common though I have not felt my own. Fingers move my unsettled hair around to hide the bald spots. She said ...

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Melody Owen

The Saint

The Saint, conceived. // As a newborn infant, The Saint is prepared to swallow the suffering of the world. // The Nightmare. // The Saint is encouraged by man to practice his powers. // The Saint hangs from a mountain while being pressed by man. // The Saint endures the nails. // The Battle. // The Saint, victorious, displays his powers. // Peace. // The Saint ascends.

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