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Sacha Archer

From KIM

[O]pening an image of Kim Jong-un with Wordpad, thereby creating a wasteland of language at the press of a button (THE button).

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Jessica Lanay

Play. Ground.

At the cast of her thin finger I become— / "You be the father." She says, / "You be the husband." I think / of everything a seven-year-old girl— / white keloids on her knees could know / about these things.

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Jessica Lanay


note 1: everything murmurs with the tension of preparation for flight. gravity is not binding, but a pressure joculating against itself. the punchline: it could let go at any second.

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Kat Gregor

The Mariners

There is something slightly mystic in the taming of all seas. We once imagined sailing off the edge of the map—and then, the story goes, certain circumnavigations proved us wrong.

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