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Susanne Eules

in the claude glass

it's a nice thing to have a hare to sit with his haress / in the field. naturally & fur color. the color of fur & / naturally. it is the best hair. arid heat ferries harvester / thresher.

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R L Swihart


The small Craftsman by the lagoon. Desiree on the top step / and his three graces staggered beneath. Three sample / bags of Mary Kay. The pomegranate in amber / hues

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Kandie St.Germain


In Madrid, the bartenders / speak in cursive. Clairvoyants, / all of them. They volunteer / burnt wine, sweeten it / with candy-stripes.

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Baum Bim Baum Bim Baum Bim Bim

Open the box to find fifteen non-precious objects from some of the most talented visual-verbal artists working today: mIEKAL aND, Derek Beaulieu, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Kelly Connor, Maria Damon, Richard Kraft, Edward Kulemin, Stephen Nelson, Andrew Topel, Helen White, & Nico Vassilakis.

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D. James Quinn

The Pessoa Project

The poems you will find at The Pessoa Project are compiled at random by a machine language. This website dismantles and rebuilds the full text of Richard Zenith’s translation of The Book of Disquiet upon each viewing...

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