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Jeff Fallis

Gold Sweat

So there are these stars in the sky whose light we’ll see only for an instant, / on some bug-flecked evening when we’re not even really paying attention.

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Jeff Fallis

On the Beach

To snort pure blow by the ocean’s half-light, / eat ripe pineapples in a bread van : / pawn all possessions, withdraw outright, / trace the glory of a big toe in the sand

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Carlos Soto Román

Three Poems

How class touched the American Market everyday — Giant slingshot models master's techniques despite the odors — Open bedroom in Asia and the Catskills

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Isabel Balée

An Explanation of the Aftermath

1. didacting underwater — how microbes in a pile of ivy — a smokestack stopping blight after water — in its own breath — a woman — on sunday — in a steeple fell an organ — mosquitoes in the middle of an ending — a city in a body after water — a woman moving her body through the dry and blight — a city on sunday in a pile — a woman leaving — a woman at all — 2. at all a steeple — at all prayers in a god place — didacting in the wrong room woke up beginning the door ...

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Bayleigh Fraser


Really, my ship, the body, / came into the fire before / the pain of it made sense, / before the wood became // heavy with flame and flame / became mine. Really, the body / looked into the mirror, / saw the red ruddy eyes, char

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Jeff Encke

Iron Spider

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night with a clot of belladonna / paste and baby teeth, a talking wound in my idiopathic breast.

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