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Baum Bim Baum Bim Baum Bim Bim

Open the box to find fifteen non-precious objects from some of the most talented visual-verbal artists working today: mIEKAL aND, Derek Beaulieu, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Kelly Connor, Maria Damon, Richard Kraft, Edward Kulemin, Stephen Nelson, Andrew Topel, Helen White, & Nico Vassilakis.

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Melody Owen

The Saint

The Saint, conceived. // As a newborn infant, The Saint is prepared to swallow the suffering of the world. // The Nightmare. // The Saint is encouraged by man to practice his powers. // The Saint hangs from a mountain while being pressed by man. // The Saint endures the nails. // The Battle. // The Saint, victorious, displays his powers. // Peace. // The Saint ascends.

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