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Daniel Citro


Dear Jack, Then I had the shingles. They cut up a river from the small heart of my back where I can't reach. I thought it was my pelvic wall unmeshing, but I checked and the wall was still nice as a purse. Instead it was the shingles coming out to play. I'd bite down a chair leg and the leg would give a little under my milk teeth. This is how come I know about static.

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D. James Quinn, Laura Oxendine


Over the course of seven years, D.J. Quinn and Laura Oxendine have been collaborating on a range of projects in different media. I WANT YOU NEED reinforces their desire to color the space between visual media and everyday language. What began as a search for inspiration in the midst of corporate chaos grew into an ever-evolving yet intangible dialogue between writer and artist. I WANT YOU NEED, conducted remotely through email and existing solely in a digital space, attempts to integrate text with a visual context, questioning both the content and the shapes letters create.

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