coin park

Susanne Eules

proper currency is legitimate in any light & likes to stay near its wages : it's the haunterers &
the premeneers : the pie cock who walks up to you : uncurls his van of vanities & voughs hell
o : to see a shining one deposit yourself between two freezes : eventually it'll get stuck into
a market & will have to get out of the bonds : the park is stocked with packs of hares & deer
or debits & deeds so that the dot is in your favor : lessons in tracking are posted on top of
the hour : you'll learn to unrisk : don't get unnoticed behind a hind : only that way you'll get
a glimpse of a wabble of shares & dad's cat bouncing : according to the nuissurance there's
no yield on the field & the fur's federation is breaking the circuit of the central intelligence
age & see : nothing will be hidden in enhanced disclosure : no uncertain missbehavements
or any taxadermation

About the Work

Susanne Eules

Susanne Eules, originally from Freiburg, Germany, is the author of ůbern růckn des atlantiks/den rand des nachmittags (across the ridge of the atlantic/the edge of the afternoon) and translator of Harryette Mullen’s Recyclopedia. She has published in literary venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US. For her poetry and prose, she has received various grants and literary awards in Germany and in the US. Her texts and drawings are recently found or forthcoming in Fence, Coldfront, the Viennese literary magazine wespennest, Prolog (Berlin, Germany) and Lichtungen (Graz, Austria). She teaches Italian, German and interdisciplinary courses of Art History, Gender Studies and Creative Writing at Stetson University and the University of Education in Freiburg, Germany.

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