David Wanczyk

David Wanczyk is the Director of Special Programs and an Adjunct Professor of English at Ohio University.  His work has been published or is forthcoming in Alimentum, American Literary Review, Defunct, Lake Effect, New York Quarterly, and Prick of the Spindle.  He lives in Athens, Ohio with his wife Megan, who is, he believes, a crazy peridot.

Work by David Wanczyk

David Wanczyk

Shine on Tu Loco Diamente

The only copy of the album they had in stock was gold-plated, the collector's edition. It was 32 dollars. I was 16 and mostly cashless. Those protracted riffs and synthesizer solos were about to be my one and only asset. I held that copy of Wish You Were Here in my hands for ten minutes, wondering what I should do.

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