Isabel Balée

Isabel Balée is a New Orleans native, currently working on her MFA in Literary Arts at Brown University. She received her BA in English at Tulane University this past May. She has publications forthcoming in Thunderclap Press, Dose Rate Magazine, and The Double Dealer.

Work by Isabel Balée

Isabel Balée

An Explanation of the Aftermath

1. didacting underwater — how microbes in a pile of ivy — a smokestack stopping blight after water — in its own breath — a woman — on sunday — in a steeple fell an organ — mosquitoes in the middle of an ending — a city in a body after water — a woman moving her body through the dry and blight — a city on sunday in a pile — a woman leaving — a woman at all — 2. at all a steeple — at all prayers in a god place — didacting in the wrong room woke up beginning the door ...

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