Matt Sailor

Matt Sailor is the editor-in-chief of New South, Georgia State University’s Journal of Art and Literature. He is currently pursuing his MFA in fiction, also at Georgia State. His work has appeared in [PANK], Hot Metal Bridge, West Trade Review, and is forthcoming in NANO Fiction.

Work by Matt Sailor

Matt Sailor

Cut the Crap

Granted, the punk rockers of the late 1970s and early 1980s have become our heroes and our saints. But would it soften our admiration to know, for instance, that Joe Strummer was born the son of a diplomat, that he went to a posh boarding school in Surrey, that he went to art school to study drawing, that he most certainly never fought the law, much less lost to its omnipotent hand (and additionally, that that song in particular was originally recorded by that notorious voice of the downtrodden, Buddy Holly), that he was not intimately acquainted with running down a railroad track with police on his back?

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