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Tessa Kale

Tessa Kale (3.3).

Tessa Kale is the author of a prize-winning chapbook, The Hudson Line, and a novel, Daphne Underground.

Allan Kaplan

Allan Kaplan (4.2).

Life passing, revising alone or watching late night movies with wife. Books: Paper Airplane (Harper & Row) Like One of Us (Untitled). Poems appeared in many journals of various persuasions over the years; i.e.  Poetry, Apalachee Quarterly, Paris Review, New American Review, Slant, Iowa Review, Quarterly Review of Literature, Washington Square Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Wind, Chiron Review, Folio, Gulf Stream, Widener Review, Nimrod.

Paulus Kapteyn

Paulus Kapteyn (1.3).

Paulus Kapteyn is an artist/writer who resides in Portland, Oregon. He has shown his artwork in NY, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. His poetry has been in Lungfull, Lit Mag, and Monarch Review.

James Kincaid

James Kincaid (5.2).

James Kincaid is author of many academic and non-fiction books (including EROTIC INNOCENCE:
THE CULTURE OF CHILD MOLESTING). He’s also published two novels (one co-authored with Percival
Everett) and a couple dozen short stories. He taught for many years at USC and is now at Pitt.

Daniel Takeshi Krause

Daniel Takeshi Krause (2.2).

Daniel Takeshi Krause’s work has appeared in two languages, three countries, and four dimensions. He has completed degrees from Pomona College and Loyola Marymount University. He currently lives and teaches in Salt Lake City where he is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at The University of Utah.

Leonard Kress

Leonard Kress (2.4).

Leonard Kress has recent work (poetry and fiction) in Barn Owl Review, Passages North, Harvard Review, New Orleans Review, River Styx, and Atticus Review.  Most recent poetry collections are Braids & Other Sestinas, The Orpheus Complex, and Living in the Candy Store.  He currently teaches philosophy, religion, and creative writing at Owens College in Ohio.

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