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Stephanie Valente

Stephanie Valente (1.3).

Stephanie Valente lives and writes in New York. She has been featured in various publications including Hell Strung and Crooked (Uphook Press), Bust Magazine, dotdotdash, Nano Fiction, among others. One day, she would like to be a silent film star.

James Valvis

James Valvis (2.1).

James Valvis is the author of How to Say Goodbye (Aortic Books, 2011). He has published hundreds of poems in places like Anderbo, Arts & Letters, New York Quarterly, Poetry East, Rattle, River Styx, and Verse Daily. His fiction is also widely published in places like Los Angeles Review, Night Train, Potomac Review, storySouth, and Washington Pastime. He lives in Issaquah, Washington.

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