Demeter’s Night Mare

Tessa Kale

An ancient hand was found; then a limb, a head
on the grounds of the old Greystone mansion:
when they were put together again
they found it was Demeter, from Greece.

They took her away. The mansion is gone;
a bone pokes up or blackened molar—
the old carriage house, a tree growing
in the fireplace; the walls all spraypainted
with signs and pentacles.

The Son of Sam conjured here, performing
rituals with his pals; and still the police
find flayed German Shepherds, beheaded.

Down the weedy steps in the entrance wall
a lion has kept his head; in the other wall
a horse is headless but otherwise
undefaced; the lion is doodled
all over: Jill loves John; Al heart Cindy.

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About the Work

Tessa Kale

Tessa Kale is the author of a prize-winning chapbook, The Hudson Line, and a novel, Daphne Underground.

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