jojo Lazar in Three Forms

jojo Lazar

FNX “Clambake”

Catching yourself in the dumb show of prior passion,
watching anarchists cater to stadium sounds, Bud Lite
drinkers spilling the best damn day of their life

down the back of your halter sun as a girl with
your stegosaurus backpack passes you three times
in one endless, red crowd. Why did you pound down

the last inch of that rum and coke? To catch the keys
not even turned on, so it seemed. “Boston wanted to see
the gun show.” The guilt of acting so inflamed chemically

corrects itself, you feel minus one drink in your gullet that
was hardly you at all, just then. It’s the psychosomatic
sunstroke, the security team making a hand-chain

down Lansdowne street like counselors looking
for drowned campers in the lake, kicking out any
clambake attendee freeloaders. (There were. No. Clams.)

About the Work

jojo Lazar

jojo Lazar is a Boston-based multimedia visual and performance artist known as “the burlesque poetess.” She is active in the nu-vaudeville world as the tenor ukulele player in circus band, “Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys,” as well as half of “The Tiny Instrument Revue.” Her poetry has appeared in Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, The Starving Artist’s Diet (Jackodile Press), Magpie Magazine, and additionally in her own zines, including “Niblet.” She is a creative writing and zine-making workshop leader with a BA from Brandeis and an MFA in poetry from Lesley University. Visit her keyring site: & The

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