Ricky Garni


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In a Field of Daisies

Strolling through a book

as though I was in a field

of daisies on a lazy summer

day reading a book,

I discovered that my

son was born on the same

day as Heavy Metal Cross-

Bow Hunting Rock Star

what’s-his-name. It was

the best day of my life. It was

a great day in his life.

It was a great day

for thrashy heavy metal.

It was a great day for ears.

And amps. And arrows

that kill deer. They look

up quickly and say “Whaa-”

and then nothing. It was a

great day for the word


About the Work

Ricky Garni

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer living in Carrboro, North Carolina. His work can be found in EVERGREEN REVIEW, CAMEL SALOON, USED FURNITURE REVIEW, ORION HEADLESS and other places. His latest work, JANUARY, is a sequel to his earlier work, DECEMBER. Although it could be the other way around, with a lot of space in between.

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