Gelatonic Monthly, Vol. 37, No. 11 (Nov. 2012)

Dirk Morgus

Gelatonic Monthly 4

About the Work

Dirk Morgus

irk Morgus, PT, MTC, OCS, is Vice President of Therapy Operations at Gelatonic Incorporated, in which position he has served for three years. For nine years previous he was Director of Therapy for the Deerville office, in which position he was responsible for disseminating Jorm 3.0 protocols among elderly users, who know him better perhaps as “the Jorm Bunny” [insert smiley-face emoticon]. Dirk has edited Gelatonic’s monthly newsletter, Gelatonic Monthly, for the last six years, succeeding such renowned editors as Dan Morfogen (now Regional Director – Granger Region), Carl Blorkonz, PT (deceased), and Gary “Uncle Butterstick” Butterman (whereabouts unknown).

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