Inferno: II

Kia Groom

Lick Her, it’s Quicker

I am bleeding for the first
time in months
so I go on a midnight
candy run.

The 24/7 convenience store
            reclines on a bed of asphalt,
beckons me inside with buzzing lights
with neon flyscreen.

I am all hypnotic;
sugar fed sleepwalker in the soft drink
aisle, hands in the wrong places
pulling backward doors, outside in.

I fall in love with
night time people; the clerk
behind the counter, with his trucker cap,
his tent-like Megadeth tee shirt.

I want to be on all fours
for his missing contact
lens in a motel room, in the corner
of his ashtray eyes.

I stabilize my heart-beat with a
sugar hit.  My blood is slick
between my sticky legs –
            he hands me
change, unsmiling.

Back in the lot the cars
are idling.  A woman
heaves herself into a passenger seat.
We share a something
under the sickly street

Beyond the ring of fluorescence
the roads are comatose.

I check my pulse,

and when she goes,
I go.

About the Work

Kia Groom

Kia Groom lives in Perth, Western Australia.  She likes horror, fake cherry flavouring, white trash aesthetic and being asleep.  Her work has appeared in SWAMP, Cottonmouth, and various other publications, and she has work forthcoming in Midnight Echo Magazine.  Find her online:

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