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Erin Rogers


I hear the dead wish they could decide what we dropped in the ground: blood or wine or potato chip fragments, a left-shoulder toss of salt. Catch you in the eye. Better to leave behind for them than for gods or the devil.

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Kia Groom

Inferno: II

I fall in love with/ night time people; the clerk/ behind the counter, with his trucker cap,/ his tent-like Megadeth tee shirt.

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E.G. Cunningham

Never the Ocean

And you in mind through all the apple rings the unseen villains ever-carboned into other/ leaves the distant notes interminably arriving – their tonics splaying outward over table/ runners echoing the chiming the nothing talk in the attempts to mop it up...

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E.G. Cunningham


Shots through the lobby walls. Wails. Termed elevated, teemed/ nasturtiums, turned general illness. The patient presented/ with something to follow. Fall: I said you were my patient.

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Frederick Pollack

Les Adieux

Russia is blessed, for a group of Russians/ witnesses the end./ One from the gas company,/ formerly of the Ministry;/ sufficiently senior/ never to have acquired/ the demeaning capitalist art/ of charm.

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Will Dunlap

Martyr Ape

Bungaboo Kana cannot know the story his life will inspire, cannot see out of that hot cab filled with sound to the well-lit stage where Richard Dreyfuss will accept an Academy Award for his portrayal of a big-hearted ape mailman.

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