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Sheila McMullin

Olga’s Book

“In dark house” “he sees a young” “ghost girl” / “he blames me” “for” “not having pregnancies” / “he said, well, you” “know what he” / “said,” “he said,” “no one” “loves” “me, like”/ “like the” “Ghost steals all the” “love"

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Sommer Schafer

The Women

Back when I was alive, people in my town could go days without seeing each other. Passing, they’d look straight at you and not see a thing.

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Jeff Fallis

Gold Sweat

So there are these stars in the sky whose light we’ll see only for an instant, / on some bug-flecked evening when we’re not even really paying attention.

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Jeff Fallis

On the Beach

To snort pure blow by the ocean’s half-light, / eat ripe pineapples in a bread van : / pawn all possessions, withdraw outright, / trace the glory of a big toe in the sand

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Carlos Soto Román

Three Poems

How class touched the American Market everyday — Giant slingshot models master's techniques despite the odors — Open bedroom in Asia and the Catskills

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Dispatches From Abandoned Architecture

From our newest publication, featuring contributions from Amaranth Borsuk, James Claffey, Robert Fitterman, Megan M. Garr, Dawn Gettler, Jen Hofer, Jane Huffman, Jackie Kari, Dorothea Lasky, Cyriaco Lopes, Rachel Marston, Shena McAuliffe, Melody Owen, Carlos Soto Román, David Ruhlman, Abraham Smith, Meg Tuite, Spring Ulmer, & Terri Witek.

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