Just Trash Talkin’

Dan Corjescu

O! Valzhyna!
Stop licking the old hanging balls of New York
Like a pickle-fish you

roam the sewers of this old whore
I know

it beats Dostoyevsky’s soup
Or brown bagging it at Lenin’s tomb
I know
But look
the cat walk is filled with cadavers
the universities are bung holes
and the Empire State Building
is now the official pointer
to a howling graveyard downtown
you were born with one empire in

a funnel
now you explode like new Tuscan marble

through the Holland Tunnel
and that’s cool
…the U.S.A is a bad pierce job
between two drugged out lovers
aching to find their lodestones
across badly stretched Californian highways
Valzhyna your two labials are stronger than all of this…
…and, yeah, I’m just completely pissed….

About the Work

Dan Corjescu

Dan Corjescu is a Romanian-Brazilian poet living in Sofia, Bulgaria who writes verse in English as well as in other languages. He teaches Business English and translates when he can. He was published, many years ago, in an anthology entitled Thank You, Gorbachev!

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