Never the Ocean

E.G. Cunningham

And you in mind      through all the apple rings    the unseen villains    ever-carboned into other 
leaves         the distant notes interminably arriving –     their tonics      splaying outward over table
runners                 echoing the chiming the nothing talk           in the attempts to mop it up…

In the attempts      to leave the thing alone         for once, as was or would be:
fragmented                     or illusory, an illiterate           incapable of articulating — in the attempts
I came silken         almost survived the onslaught

this sadness                      is never the ocean     I expect it to be         but having reached one layer
soon find others –                        nothing seeking a name.
And you’re standing.
The way a wave      unworks itself          into not enough water.         I am thinking of the time
when.                                It doesn’t matter.                           I am thinking of that too
           of the time                        when it doesn’t matter.                             Hurry.

About the Work

E.G. Cunningham

E.G. Cunningham’s poems have been published in Breakwater Review, Thread, The California Quarterly, and Muse Apprentice Guild. Originally from South Carolina, she is a graduate of the University of South Florida and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She lives in Athens, GA.

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