O, the Anglo

Dan Corjescu

O, the Anglo so keen, so sweet

So aborigine amidst white wine

and nuclear speak

I loath the constriction

of these, the boa-people

Their livid lamenting

their abrogation of chewing

Their fraudulent doings

all covered up in rhyme

I hate these Anglos

hiding in time

Guilty of mind

Rich in pocket

Marooned on a Mars Rocket

No dreams just apologies

for intricate vacuity

Just close shop

unwind the watch

and let go

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About the Work

Dan Corjescu

Dan Corjescu is a Romanian-Brazilian poet living in Sofia, Bulgaria who writes verse in English as well as in other languages. He teaches Business English and translates when he can. He was published, many years ago, in an anthology entitled Thank You, Gorbachev!

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