Olga’s Book

Sheila McMullin

“In dark house” “he sees a young” “ghost girl”
“he blames me” “for” “not having pregnancies”
“he said, well, you” “know what he”
“said,” “he said,” “no one” “loves” “me, like”
“like the” “Ghost steals all the” “love”
“ghost heart” “isn’t big enough” “big enough”
“love doesn’t” “fill” “this house” “Ghost said”
“in ghost house” “ not big enough” “Ghost said”
“„there are too” “too” “many people” “in this world‟”
“in this world” “to love” “me and only me”
“feet never” “took” “root like”
“Ghost just” “cut them off” “Ghost” “has”
“never collected any-” “thing in” “life, just my”
“things” “Ghost took” “and counted over” “and over”
“pressed violets and” “violets into” “pages of library”
“books” “ripped the pages out”
“wrote my name” “on” “the violet” “stain”
“burned” “anything” “Ghost will have” “to bless me”
“re-” “verse” “me in” “bless me” “I”
“dare you to” “uninvite me!” “I”
“dare you to” “uncome in me!”

God’s hand over your belly over the earth

I found a needle in the carpet and finally asked who he had been sleeping with. 
Because of this I bled. Eating ripe tomatoes off the vine. Juice down slides of my mouth.
Skin on my teeth. I touched the river and men sitting on a stone wall snapped their
fingers, oscillated their arms from the elbows above their heads and yelled things
toward the river. Empty bottles sat next to each of them. Under my foot in the ocean, like
glass I step on and hold there some sort of fish. I was surprised he was larger than my
foot and although I felt fear I let the wave crash.

then bloomed a flower
the flower wilted
and petals through rot
removed themselves from air
from molecules
from positives and negatives
and negatives followed a line
dedicated to what some would call
fairy path, others would call hell,
others would still call a cold wind,
until the negatives landed, found
their way to water
some lakes, some oceans, some rivers
they are all beautiful
women’s faces beneath water
all sucking in water
whether waves or foam
drinking water, filling their bellies
until they become fat with water
and all the water frees them from drowning
opens space for breath
above the surface just their lips puckering
dragonflies landing on a lip then flying away
dragonfly landed on a lip then flew away
arms becoming seaweed
then seaweed becoming arms again.
(first doorway then run then cave)

About the Work

Sheila McMullin

Sheila McMullin runs the feminist and artist resource website, MoonSpit Poetry, where a full list of her publications can also be found. She is the Website Assistant for VIDA: Women in Literary Arts and a Contributing Editor for ROAR Magazine. Her chapbook, Like Water, was a finalist for the Ahsahta Press and New Delta Review chapbook competitions, as well as a semifinalist in the Black Lawrence Press chapbook competition. She works as an after-school creative writing and college prep instructor and volunteers at her local animal rescue. She holds her M.F.A. in poetry from George Mason University.

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