On the Beach

Jeff Fallis

                   (Marvin Gaye, Hawaii 1979-80)

To snort pure blow by the ocean’s half-light,
eat ripe pineapples in a bread van :
pawn all possessions, withdraw outright,
trace the glory of a big toe in the sand

Back in Hidden Hills, studio and home
shut tight and eight million dollars vanished :
the handsomest exile without income,
a king from his own Xanadu banished

No responsibilities, no address,
at the end of the end of everything :
and rootlessness gives way to recklessness,
and he won’t even stop smoking to sing

He reads Revelations, he picks up shells
he waits for the final flurry of bells

About the Work

Jeff Fallis

Jeff Fallis lives in Athens, Georgia.  His poems have appeared recently in Unsplendid, Marco Polo Arts Mag, RealPoetik, and the Bloomsbury anthology The Art of Losing.

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