Partial Conversion of Neanderthal Man

Dan Corjescu

No I’m not going to lie to you girl
I converted
just a while back
I’m a hunk of a monster
all bothered and black
I stink of the past
and try to reach for you
but I’ve been beaten to blue
to see the strong shove
of your eyes
and I kinda like you
you’re tough and swift
Sister Blue
I may be a monster
but I still kind a like you
You’re different and hip
in all the new places
I carve out your name
on the rock of ages
I sweep the floor
with my grunting look
I’m an ape man
with design
on your web-weaved mind
I’m backward and honest
when I say “Your lesbian antics
turn me on”I’m lost in high-powered hormone
glowing in the dark
you say I’m a monster
and I say
push all the buttons
red white and blue
and come up for air
the monsters are waiting
and really need you

About the Work

Dan Corjescu

Dan Corjescu is a Romanian-Brazilian poet living in Sofia, Bulgaria who writes verse in English as well as in other languages. He teaches Business English and translates when he can. He was published, many years ago, in an anthology entitled Thank You, Gorbachev!

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