Russell Crowe is Crying

Ray Succre

Another protagonist sputtering,

straight through grieving and into

a close-up’s solitude.

Cry, chief. Puddle up.

Grate my screen, make my wife cry.

Show me a nimble fellow face,

and turn it, twist it— don’t spare

a single, blubbering lip-twitch.

Cascade into flinches,

then turn red… hold it… hold… there.

Now steer into a little howl

like a late night nor’wester.


Look what you’ve discovered:

The story’s sad point, oh, right there,

uncovered like an ancient button,

swept clean of dust.


You’ve pressed it— the device triggers.

Now the delivery can be prime,

the drama propped, shoved,

whimpering up where the score

grants a deep appraisal.


Go on— cry those socket-faucets raw.

Soon, a fade-out or another character

will encroach on this moment

to start up the film again.

About the Work

Ray Succre

Ray Succre is an undergraduate currently living on the southern Oregon coast with his wife and son. He has had poems published in Aesthetica, BlazeVox, and Petrichor Machine, as well as in numerous others across as many countries. His novels Tatterdemalion (2008) and Amphisbaena (2009), both through Cauliay, are widely available in print. Other Cruel Things (2009), an online collection of poetry, is available through Differentia Press.

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