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Tread, Eleanor Paynter

How do we reckon with the violence of ideas? What transforms as paper sketches manifest in factories and on battlefields? Through found, crafted, and visual language, Eleanor Paynter’s TREAD traces the development of the military tank and, in doing so, interrogates the notion of invention. 21 pages, numbered edition of 100. ...

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Hectic Pigment, Jed Rasula

I’ll tell you this much: / space is pierced with a bony flicker // a woman on the street sold me a spinal column / so I put it on, I put it in // for years I crawled around / in a rubble of numbers / a palace of matchsticks / was all I could muster

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Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon, Colette Arrand

Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon collects poems and comic strips about sex and gender as viewed through the lens of professional wrestling. In poems written to or about wrestlers like Junkyard Dog, Roddy Piper, Ox Baker, The Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, and CM Punk, Colette Arrand teases out the homoerotic roots of wrestling and how its warped, cartoon masculinity plays itself out over the course of a fan's life.

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PREVIEW (for a future catalog): Vol. One

A Bad Penny Review presents PREVIEW (for a future catalog). A set of full-color brochures advertising a slate of Opo Books & Objects publications for a future that might never come. Featuring project proposals by M. NourbeSe Philip, Christian Bök, Lily Hoang, Bradley Bazzle, and CAConrad.

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«Pro(m)bois(e)», Thibault Raoult

Too casually brilliant to sound like nonsense, Raoult’s poems are also too brilliant, and too far out there, to resemble any poems we have seen yet on this planet... But «Pro(m)bois(e)», as far up in the ether as language gets, also tastes of our daily dirt... [Raoult’s] a man in space, with the mouth of a slap-happy oracle sending messages back to us: “When two worlds flare in a stranger/They say fossils will take over New Boise,/Assume anything.” -Matthew Henriksen

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Baum Bim Baum Bim Baum Bim Baum Bim Bim

Open the box to find fifteen non-precious objects from some of the most talented visual-verbal artists working today: mIEKAL aND, Derek Beaulieu, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Kelly Connor, Maria Damon, Richard Kraft, Edward Kulemin, Stephen Nelson, Andrew Topel, Helen White, & Nico Vassilakis.

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Dispatches From Abandoned Architecture

A limited edition collaborative project created entirely through the mail: a collection of altered postcards from some of the most talented writers and artists working today. Amaranth Borsuk, James Claffey, Robert Fitterman, Megan M. Garr, Dawn Gettler, Jen Hofer, Jane Huffman, Jacqueline Kari, Dorothea Lasky, Cyriaco Lopes, Rachel Marston, Shena McAuliffe, Melody Owen, Carlos Soto Román, David Ruhlman, Abraham Smith, Meg Tuite, Spring Ulmer, & Terri Witek.

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Seas / Horse

A book in postcards, Seas / Horse, upends all expectations with its cryptic series of missives. Funny and disturbing in equal measures, Daniel Citro’s collection offers a reading experience like no other.

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