Megan M. Garr

What we leave when we leave
A planet somewhere
Its aluminum seas
If at dawn and if its strands
And if its forms and tendons
Where the land where there is nothing hushed
The glacier’s ablation we are propelled
Hold vast fast
To the atmosphere its skins
The empty empty
Miles homewards cold for days
No less than stars their shudders
No less than home unblinking
Wake to this second your
Everything summoned on reentry
Look now how the city
Let fall the land a whole country

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About the Work

Megan M. Garr

Megan M. Garr is the author of The Preservationist Documents (Pilot Books, 2012) and the editor of the literary & arts journal Versal, which she founded in 2002. Originally from Nashville, USA, Megan now lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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