The Pessoa Project

D. James Quinn

The Book of Disquiet is a book of the dead, written for the living.

Assembled posthumously in an order that was never intended by its author, The Book of Disquiet performs an act of abiogenesis with each reading, creating new life from its incompatible parts.

The poems you will find at The Pessoa Project are compiled at random by a machine language. This website dismantles and rebuilds the full text of Richard Zenith’s translation of The Book of Disquiet upon each viewing, to create a new piece of literature from the book for your perusal.

You can save and share the poems you find, if you wish. Or you can leave them behind, and they will be lost forever in cyberspace.

After all, “it’s all fragments, fragments, fragments…”

the pessoa project

About the Work

D. James Quinn

D. James Quinn writes science fiction and listens to late ’90s trip hop when he’s not wasting his time on the internet. At Stetson University, he studied contemporary poetry and weird fiction, and completed a Masters in Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College. His work has appeared in SPARK, Touchstone, and A Bad Penny Review. Quinn lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his fiancée and a grumble of imaginary pugs.

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