We Grow Impervious to the Hour

Mark Russell

After that, I had only to deal in nuptials.
The White Album's weekly translator
is high, locked into fresh snow
with a dish made of me.
Everywhere I go the sun has thin gums
and the jeweller's sign reads:
'High State of Imperfection – Miracles Likely’
in pure cadmium, the colour of skin and tissue.

About the Work

Mark Russell

Mark Russell has published Saturday Morning Pictures (Red Ceilings Press, 2015) and Pursued by Well-being (tall-lighthouse, 2013). The poem here is part of a larger work titled Pistol Lips, other poems from from which have appeared in Tears in the Fence, Otoliths, Molly Bloom, Shadowtrain, and fourfold. A small part of him can be found here: markrussellat.wordpress.com.

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